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Life is not simple. The waves of change, challenge, and danger swipe into our doors like a tsunami. We can run from the difficulties, deny their existence, face them head-on for answers, or let them eventually consume us.
Don & RuthAnn Polston

No one escapes the war on the soul or the war on life. At times, you have to fight.

The battle to win and to understand the minute conflicts of the soul and come through them wiser and a winner (or a whimper-whiner) is the purpose of life. It’s really in your port of call.

The success you seek is in your struggles. The tensions of life are used to keep you awake to the possibilities in your life. Tensions strengthen your understanding.

Walking in the concepts of, The Life That Wins, you will learn the danger of inner conflict, and outer conflict and how to emerge a winner. This truth, throughout Don H. Polston’s ministry, is not for the satisfied, the uncourageous or the fearful. Only brave souls examine details to the winning life in Christ.

Refuse to allow the unknown, the unseen or the unsolved struggles consume you. Get into the fight for victorious living.

Search this web site daily for the hidden answers to your struggles, Biblical concepts to faith, and how to confront and conquer the blows of living. Crossing the sea is dangerous. It takes strength. It takes time. It takes faith to launch out to find new worlds or protect the ones you own.

Let’s get started in our self-discovery, faith-discovery, and finally, God discovery. Read the message posted each week and view the thought with Don H. Polston. Digest it. Think on it. Talk about it, and finally, work it out in your daily life. Welcome to the life changing ideas found in Jesus Christ.


Be Blessed in Giving
Life That Wins